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Celebrate with Us + MEET FREIDA ROTHMAN

Celebrate the Holidays…

Freida EM

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Hip, Chic, Modern: Introducing B. Tiff at Intrigue Fine Apparel


Since 1999, the masterpieces of B.Tiff New York have defined
unique style and celebrated the world’s greatest love stories.
The designers at B.Tiff New York visualized jewelry to be both
imaginative and state of the art technology. B.Tiff New York
uses a revolutionary technique called “Tension Setting”.
The unique appearance and texture differentiates B.Tiff New York
jewelry from our competitors. B.Tiff New York offers our customers
a new style that combines impeccable function with a distinct
appearance, a type of jewelry that is about a joy for life and a
timeless beauty.
Surgical Stainless Steel
The durability of surgical stainless steel enables B. Tiff to create a scratch resistant product and can be re-polished over and over. Surgical stainless steel will not tarnish, deform, or oxidized with everyday use. Their surgical stainless steel has been tested proving surgical stainless steel is by far the latest vogue in the jewelry trade.
Signity Star Stone
Signity Star Stone is a type of cubic zirconia, which should never get cloudy, not even after contact with pool or spa water.
Shop the Collection at Intrigue!
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Designer Spotlight: Marie Laure Chamorel


After training with some of the top designers, from Alaia to Balmain and Kenzo, and having graduated from the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris, Marie Laure Chamorel focusing her energies upon her own label of luxury accessories which bears her name since 2006.


Marie Laure is driven by a desire to give each piece of jewelry its own unique spirit. Her inspiration goes beyond the boundaries of the pre-established fashions. She seeks out vintage pearls, ribbons, and old lace. These basic elements undergo a transformation, blending couture and jewelry, as she enriches them with hand embroidery and wraps pearls in turbans of muslin, silk and leather. The collection is made up of long sautoir necklaces and manchette cuff bracelets.


During many trips abroad, Marie Laure came to admire artisanal gold and silver work from many ethnicities from around the globe. From this was born LUXUME, her second collection, with Secret Box pendants, solid silver and silk charm bracelets, and long, dangling earrings dipped in gold and ruthenium.


Marie Laure’s jewellery embodies the latest in artisanal luxury, a love for the hand-made.

Shop the collection now at Intrigue!

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Intrigue Magazine Fall ’16 Issue Vol .2

Fall Mag Cover


Fall Mag Page 1


Sarah Magid Fall 2016


Fall Mag Page 3


Fall Mag Page 4


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Intrigue Magazine Spring ’16 Issue Vol. 1

Intrigue Mag


Intrigue Mag 2


Vintage Chanel Mag


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Re-organizing Your Jewelry is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

It’s a challenge we all face with jewelry: multiple boxes and hiding spots make it hard to keep track of it. Before long, chains wind up in knots, earrings become elusive, and rings vanish in the bottom of your bag. In just three steps you can make your organizing system as beautiful as your gems! Why hide your best baubles in a box when you can put them on display?

1. Compartmentalize your way. Consider how you look for your jewelry; then take everything out and reorder your collection, adapting or replacing containers. Most jewelry boxes are designed to store rings, necklaces, etc. in separate compartments. You can also organize by occasion, dividing your pieces into casual and formal; by sets; or by color group.

2. Find the prime location. Before you buy any new boxes or dividers, decide where you want to keep your “everyday” wear.


  • Dresser top. If you go this route, you’ll want beautiful boxes or something sculptural. We recommend staying away from anything with a zillion tiny drawers—it’s impossible to remember what’s where.
  • Dresser drawers. Fabric or velvet, dividers will keep your jewelry organized and accessible, without surface clutter.


  • Closet. If you’re lucky enough to have an eye-level surface in a well-lit closet, you can store jewelry there. And since it’s in view only when you’re dressing, you can use a corkboard with thumb tacks to decoratively hang necklaces.


  • Consider stashing valuable pieces in a high-end jewelry safe or your safe-deposit box when you’re away from home.

3. Protect your jewels. Whether their value is monetary or sentimental, your jewels are treasures. Organizing them now guarantees a lifetime of enjoying the bounty.

  • Carefully stow heirlooms where you won’t lose track of them. Periodically weed through your jewelry to give away what you don’t love anymore.
  • To limit abrasion while on the road, invest in a protective travel pouch or case. A portable jewelry case will prevent pieces from falling behind hotel dressers. We recommend the Prima Weekender case by PurseN to keep all of your valuables safe and sound. Chic & compact, this origami-inspired case features 10 individual compartments with 6 built-in pouches and 4 removable pouches to organize Small to Medium sized jewelry. If you don’t want to invest in a jewelry case, try  stringing chains through a drinking straw to keep them untangled.
  • Save yourself (and your jewelry) by keeping a ring bowl at the sink, a small jewelry box on your desk, and a velvet pouch in your handbag for those times during the day when you have to remove your jewelry.

We hope this post inspires you to store your pieces in a beautiful yet easy and accessible way, because what fashionista doesn’t like function and fashion?!