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Celebrate in Style! What to Wear on the 4th of July

The red, white and blue celebrations are around the corner. If you’re like us, Fourth of July is really just another excuse to throw a soirée with friends and family while dressed in festive ensembles! Whether you’re hitting the beach, cruising on a boat, having a backyard BBQ or cocktails under the fireworks, you can always count on Intrigue to provide the fashions…


BBQ: Something stylish, comfy and chic is in order…


On a Boat: Swimsuits and cotton sweaters go hand in hand! You’ll need some layering pieces to show off when the sun goes down on that yacht…a cover-up is a must against the ocean breeze.

Jude Connally

At the Beach: There’s no better place to celebrate Fourth of July than at the beach, followed by a cozy gathering at a bonfire. You’ve got your beach tunes ready, now all you need is the outfit!


Last but not least…don’t forget your beach towel!

Remember, our team of stylists are always here to help you mix and match pieces from your own wardrobe too…celebrate in style…see you soon!

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Dressing For Your Body Type

We all wish that we were built like runway models, just because we aren’t doesn’t mean that we have to skip out on the latest fashion trends either. The trick to pulling off similar looks from the runways and wearing them in reality is knowing your body type and what is the most figure flattering for you. What many of us forget is that clothes and accessories, if worn properly, can be used to hide flaws as well as accentuate our best features! Below are our suggestions on what to wear to best flatter your figure.

boohoo shape sizes

Pear Shape

You are a pear shape if you have a significantly narrower chest and waist measurements than your hips. Since you are lucky enough to have a defined chest and waist, you’ll want to accentuate your upper body but you’ll also want to balance out your lower half as well.

Try Wearing:

Straight leg, boot cut, and low rise jeans

A-line skirts and dresses that cinch in at the waist

Hourglass Shape

You are an hourglass if you have the same or similar chest and hip measurements and a significantly smaller waist. You are balanced on top and bottom! Our advise would be to become friends with your tailor because you will want to fit your clothing perfectly to your curvy shape.

Apple Shape

You are an apple if you have a broader chest than your waist and hips. Your goal is to try and add volume to your lower half while still accentuating how skinny and defined your legs are.

Try Wearing:

Wide leg and flare jeans

A-line skirts and dresses, or peplum skirts and dresses

Broad strapped shirts and V-necks

Athletic Shape

You are a rectangle if you are thin and have the same similar measurements in your chest, waist, and hips. You’ll want to add more definition to your waist.

Try Wearing:

Slim fit clothing i.e. skinny jeans, pencil skirts, etc…

Scoop neck and sweetheart tops

Belted: dresses, skirts, tops

Invest in a good push-up bra

Petite Shape

If you are 5′ 4″  or under by the fashion industry’s guidelines you are considered petite. The goal of dressing as a petite isn’t to necessarily create the illusion that you are a tall person. Instead, it’s about finding clothes that work well with your natural figure.

Try Wearing:

Monochrome outfits or outfits with few colour variations

Simple shift dresses

High waisted skirts and pants

V -neck tops

Tall Shape

First thing’s first, embrace your height! You can pull off any outfit with the right confidence and posture.

Try Wearing:

A Belt, to give your body balance

A jumpsuit

Skinny and cigarette jeans

Large statement accessories

Women come in all different shapes and sizes but getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your shape. We hope this little bit of information helps when selecting fashions in the future. Remember, the most important thing is self love and to maintain a happy and healthy attitude, plus your Intrigue stylists are only a car ride or phone call away. Happy Summer!

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The Best Summer Dresses for Every Body Type

Once the temps start rising, dresses are ideal. They’re pretty, they’re way cooler than pants and they require very little thought, since there’s no top-to-bottom matching required. But finding one that best complements your particular frame is a tiny bit tricky. Here’s how to choose the style that flatters your body the most.


Two things you want to do here: highlight your best assets while still feeling breezy and carefree. But if you have heavier hips, a lot of straight-cut summer dresses are likely your worst nightmare. Instead, opt for a dress with some structure–specifically a fitted bodice, a nipped waist and a flared skirt.



Well, isn’t this the summer dress of our dreams? Look for something that drapes your figure without hugging your midsection too closely, but don’t settle for just a shapeless sack dress. Try to find one that shows off you legs!



If you’re looking to add curves to a straighter shape, opt for something that can be easily accessorized to define your waist. The perfect piece: a crisp shirtdress that you can cinch with a thin belt. It creates the illusion of an hourglass.



The key to flattering a slight figure is not drowning it in fabric. Choose a dress with a shorter hemline that will give the illusion of much longer legs. But since it’s short, be sure to steer clear of anything super tight, lest you want to look like you’re heading to the club circa 2002. A structured mod shift should do.

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The Summer Shopping Guide for the Girl on a Budget

A shopping spree is definitely in order when there is a change of season, but splurging on all the new necessities four times a year can definitely take a toll on your bank account. Well, we have good news for you—it doesn’t have to. If you know what you’re looking for, finding everything you need for a stylish summer is a breeze.

From the perfect straw bag to the resurgence of the denim miniskirt, we have created the perfect affordable summer shopping checklist for you.



Veronica M Ibiza Printed Halter- $57


Tractr High Rise Ankle Crop Jeans- $80
Sanctuary Denim Skirt- $89
Tart Collection Feather Print Jersey Dress- $138
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5 Tips for Looking Great in Shorts at Any Age

With summer on the horizon…we hope, realistically we know that certain pieces of clothing at a certain age, require a more delicate touch…we’re talking about shorts. As you prep for the summer, keep these cardinal rules in mind.

DO: Choose an appropriate length. Any inseam less than three inches and you’re tip toeing a fine line.


DON’T: Go overboard and resign yourself to knee-length Bermudas. There are plenty of three- and four-inch options out there to keep you in the ladylike zone. Cuffed shorts can even be unrolled for an added inch.


DO: Opt for a size larger than you think you might wear. This is not the time nor the place for intense curve-hugging. You want a loose fit that sits comfortably on your hips–both for style and chaffing reasons.


DON’T: Get stuck in a denim rut. Flowy fabrics like silk, rayon and linen are actually the most flattering in shorts form.

Fifteen Twenty Seersucker

DO: Wear them confidently. Any nervous tugging will just draw even more attention to your hip region. Make sure your fit is on point from the start, and then remember that it’s not the dead of winter. Your legs are bare! Enjoy it.

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The Only Things You Need to Pack for Memorial Day Weekend

Instead of piling in your usual rotation of denim cutoffs, opt for a  comfy cotton drawstring pair of shorts.


Own the transitional weather with a pair of not-short/not-long denim cropped jeans. They’re more polished than cut-offs, but still look good with all of your tank tops and bathing suits.

Charli Dress

Cover up? Check. Dress for family dinner? Check.


Paired with sneakers, heels, sandals…the ways to wear this simple dress are endless.

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Distinctive Gifts for Graduates

While the graduate in your life is busy preparing to wrap up their college career, you might be trying to wrap up something else…the perfect gift to celebrate their graduation day!
Below are our favorite gift ideas for every graduate that are sure to make their special day even better!
Pearls have been this seasons go to for party dressing. Clearly, this classic has come out of its shell and leave it to Vita Fede to add a modern twist.
If for no other reason than to change things up, pack a circular towel for beach trips this summer. The round towels with tassel trim from the Australian label the Beach People are roomy and inviting enough for friends to bask in the sun with you.
Hands free, chic, smart and ready for anything Bandolier transforms your mobile device into wearable technology that will change your life.
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