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How To Wear Statement Jewelry Everyday

With a successful Trunk Show behind us featuring jewelry by designer Sarah Magid, it’s time to look to the future on how to wear your new stylish statements. Do not be afraid to venture outside of formal wear with your statement jewelry. If you are going to invest in a piece why not wear it with everything. Going heavy on the accessories means keeping your clothing simple i.e. shift dresses, jeans, sweaters, and tee’s. Just putting on a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings can make you look dressed up without having spent hours getting ready. Also, no two people style statement jewelry the same way so it adds an element of individuality.

In creating the perfect jewelry statement ensemble there is actually a science to it. Below are some tips for pairing your pieces like a pro!


Pairing a Necklace with your Neckline

If you’re wearing a dress or top with a simple, rounded neckline, a long or chunky necklace would be an elegant addition. You want to try to ensure that the length of the necklace is either shorter or longer than your neckline because nothing says “oops” like having to pull your necklace out of your shirt all evening. If you choose a shorter necklace, it will draw more attention to your face and away from your chest. If you’re wearing a low scoop-neck, try to avoid a necklace length that could drape into your cleavage. That looks sloppy, and it’s being there will distract from the piece’s beauty.



( Ring by Realm, Vintage Chanel Necklace)

The best way to wear a long, dangling necklace is with a crew cut, boat cut or other high-necked top. A great statement jewelry piece will add dimension to a simple top that might not have enough pizzazz on its own.

If you’re heading out in a V-neck or cowl neck top, the ideal necklace length is so that it lies on your decolletage, not on your clothes. A choker or short pendant or chain would be the perfect complement to a dramatic neckline. Especially if you’re wearing a cowl neck, anything longer than the neckline would get lost and be either an annoyance or simply unhelpful in creating a stunning outfit.

Statement Bracelet? How to match to the right Sleeve Length



(Ring and Bracelet by Realm)

Statement bracelets can add as much to an outfit as any other piece of jewelry, but you want to make sure that it’s out there making an impression. That means that before you select your fabulous wristwear, you want to know that your sleeves aren’t going to be covering it up. “Bracelet sleeves”, also known as “three-quarter sleeves” end between the wrist and the elbow in order to allow for your bracelets to be seen and admired.

Of course, short sleeves or sleeveless tops or dresses work the same way — if you’re wearing a halter-top dress or shirt, you might not want to wear a necklace because there’s too much detail up top. But, stacking some fun bracelets is the perfect complement to a detailed or unusual neckline.

Wearing a one-shoulder top? A bold cuff on the wrist opposite the shoulder strap is just the thing. Choose a color or design that complements your outfit but doesn’t compete with it.

Less is more!


Magid_Hol14_RGchokerwebsiteChanel Bracelet

(Necklace by Sarah Magid, Vintage Chanel Bracelet)

  1. Remember, a bold piece is designed to stand out. If you have two bold pieces too close together (for example, earrings and a necklace), they essentially cancel each other out and it just looks crowded. Same goes for bracelets and rings. You could wear a pair of fabulous statement earrings with a chunky cuff bracelet, and that would be great — but skip the necklace. Or, if you’ve got a great layered chain necklace, maybe wear very small stud earrings and a simple band ring.
  2. Let your accessories make the outfit: Simple clothes = bold accessories. If you’re rocking the little black dress or jeans and a solid top, you’ve set the stage for a bright and colorful jewelry addition. If your jewelry is bright or detailed, stick with clothing that has less pattern or detail in order to avoid looking too busy.
  3. Remember that detailed necklines will clash with bold pieces. Any top that has a collar, halter neck or detailing near the face is probably not a good match for a necklace. If you want to wear a necklace with this kind of top, it’s best to go with something simple and understated.

When you choose your look…

The most important thing is to have fun with it! These guidelines can help save you from a few basic faux pas, but ultimately, you have to go with your gut. As you select an ensemble for that very special occasion, or just for everyday, choose your accessories and your clothes together — don’t make your accessories the afterthought!

If you missed the Trunk Show, fear not there are still jewelry pieces from Sarah Magid available + Vintage Chanel!

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Tips For Keeping Your CHANEL (and other Designer Handbags) Tidy

First and foremost, a huge Thank You to all of our guests who made our Vintage Chanel kick off event a success. We hope you are enjoying your new “investment purchase”. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably pretty eager to take your new designer bag out for a spin. But before you do, it’s key to take a few measures to ensure that it holds up for as long as possible. We hope that from our previous blog posts and email blasts, you now know the complete history on Coco Chanel and the fun facts behind what inspired her 2.55 Handbag.


With that being said, it’s now time to re-direct our focus on how to take proper care of your “prized purse possession” and newest wardrobe addition. With so much information out there online, all the advise floating around can get a bit confusing, that is why we are here to do the dirty work on breaking down just how to keep your Chanel clean and pristine…

Baby Black CC

  • Always put your bag away upright, in the original felt case. Pad it with tissue paper to keep the shape. Make sure that the chains are not in contact with the outside, as they might mark the leather. The simplest thing is to put them inside the handbag, in the tissue paper.
  • Do not over-fill your handbag, as this might spoil the shape irreparably, and strain the chain-fasteners, zips and clasps.
  • The tanning methods used by CHANEL keep the leather soft so that the surface remains alive and permeable. Avoid contact with water, grease, perfume and makeup.
  • Do not clean with products intended for other purposes, such as polish, turpentine, oil, spot removers, spirit or solvents.
  • White handbags are extremely sensitive to light, and the leather will turn yellow if it is exposed for too long to spotlights, fluorescent lamps, etc.
  • If your handbag gets wet, do not wipe it but absorb the water by patting gently with a fine woolen cloth.
  • Do not attempt to repair more serious damage yourself. Consult a CHANEL boutique or a good leather craftsman. We highly recommend Leather Surgeons (

If you treat your handbag with great care, it will last you a lifetime… and if you missed our event, fear not, we still have Vintage Chanel Handbags here waiting for a new home…JOUIR DE!


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Dramatic Shapes & Silhouettes: Coats We Want to Snuggle Up in Now

With the Fall season in effect, we at Intrigue are already thinking about the power of outerwear to invigorate an outfit! With the season officially upon us, it’s time to celebrate stylish trenches, parkas, coats and capes. Right now we are having a fashion moment in outerwear. People are investing in their wardrobe of coats that are relevant both for style and for climate. With that being said, check out our inventory of Fall favorites that generate serious “Coat Envy”.


(Puffer Coat by Herno available at Intrigue)

Don’t call it a style moratorium for the sake of comfort, though: with this season’s surprisingly chic puffer options to pick from, you’ll be waiting warmly and fashionably for the first snow of the season.

Anatomie Bruna Quilted

(Quilted Jacket by Anatomie available at Intrigue)

Keep warm this Fall while wearing keeping in tune with the ‘athletic trend’ without looking like you just came from the gym with a sporty light quilted and patted zip up jacket.


(Oversized Wool Coat by Vince available at Intrigue)

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but when it comes to investing in a new fall coat, that adage is right on the money! Oversized coats are making a big statement this season.


(Vickiye Cape by Ted Baker available at Intrigue)

You may not be a caped crusader, but pulling off this outerwear essential is surprisingly easy. Whether it’s simply a cozy addition to season staples or doubles as a jacket, you’ll be surprised at how versatile the cape can be in your daily mix.


(Pastel Wool Coat with Faux Fur Collar by Rebecca Taylor available at Intrigue)

It looks like the fur trend is showing no signs of slowing down. From fur stoles to pastel coats, designers are using fur accents and pastel coats to add that ooph of luxury. It probably doesn’t hurt that these “look at me” items are the winter equivalent of a statement necklace—guaranteed to get you noticed (and keep you warm, to boot!).

Which coat trend will you be adorning this season?!

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Vintage Chanel Bags were instant classics the moment they first became available for the public back in 1929. Over the decades there has been the development of the classic looks (the chain straps, the quilting, those famous interlocking C’s gracing each bag) and definitely the development of a mass fascination with those beautiful classic bags. They are high quality, luxurious, sexy, iconic, and let’s face it, they’re a little bit of magic. Chanel bags have become such symbols and so well-known because of those features, but I bet you don’t know all the ‘methods behind the madness’ so lets take a moment and get educated or as we, at Intrigue, like to say “Chanel Certified”.


In the 1920s, Coco Chanel became tired of having to carry her handbags in her arms and decided to design a handbag that freed up her hands. Inspired by the straps found on soldiers’ bags she added thin straps and introduced the resulting design to the market.

After her successful comeback to the fashion industry in 1954, Chanel decided to update her handbag. The resulting design was called 2.55 after the date of creation, February 1955. It’s features all have a tale to tell from inside out…

Chanel 13   Chanel 16

• The lining – The lining’s burgundy color represents the color of the uniforms from the convent where she grew up.
• The inside compartment – there’s a zippered compartment on the inside of the front flap. That’s where Coco Chanel hid her love letters (from her lover at the time).
• The backside – there’s a back outside flap on the handbag – that’s where Mademoiselle Chanel stashed extra money.
• The shoulder strap – as I said before, Coco Chanel grew up in an convent, at the orphanage. The caretakers hold the keys at their waist dangling from the same type of chains as the 2.55 shoulder strap chains.
• The front lock – the 2.55 front lock is different from the classic double CC logo. Its logo is called “the Mademoiselle Lock” (because Coco Chanel was never married)

Since its introduction, there have been several variations of the original design including different colour leather/ fabric combinations, metal and interwoven leather straps and the lock, mademoiselle vs. interlocking CC.

Since Karl Lagerfeld’s takeover in the 1980’s, Chanel released an exact copy of the original 2.55 in February 2005 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the original. Though the name “Reissue 2.55” should apply only to those commemorative handbags it is now commonly used as a name for all the handbags resembling the original 2.55.


It’s easy to get cynical about fashion, especially when it’s an industry that you practically live in, but there’s just something about Chanel that feels special no matter what.The company’s aura is just about as intoxicating as branding can get. Chanel is often fantastical, and there’s still value in that when it comes to luxury.

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The Labor of (Generation) Love

The ultimate farewell to summer is upon us. Whether your spending Labor Day at a family barbecue or your last weekend on the beach, we have the perfect pieces from clothing company Generation Love that are buy now, wear now wardrobe ready and great for transitioning into the Fall season ahead.

Roxy_melange_large  Scorcher-Sugar-Front

This light weight knit ‘Roxy Lace’ top with lace panel shoulders is the perfect piece to pair with your white jeans. And why not wear them into the early months of Fall. We are all about breaking rules, plus winter white is a trend too right?!

Brooklyn_grey_large  +  _9057417

Mixed media assets complete this ‘Brooklyn Plaid’ deftly distressed sweater from Generation Love that doesn’t miss a trend thanks to shredding and plaid highlights. Wear it to a beach bon fire with your favorite pair of denim cut off’s and then transition it into Fall with a skinny jean and ankle boots.

Farrah_large  +  susana-monaco-cut-out-maxi--s15a4669-black-1

Raw edged trims lend an unfinished, downtown cool to this ‘Farrah Jacquard Open Jacket’ topper. Throw it over your favorite maxi dress this weekend and then continue to wear it at the office and beyond!

Cleo_platinum_large  +  

The ‘Cleo Cable-Mesh Sweater’ is a just-right slouchy silhouette which perfects the art of effortless chic. Wear it now with white walking shorts and metallic sandals then carry it into fall with a pair of faux leather pants to add an edge!

Coco_black_large  +  6bq8dx-i

Simplify layering this Fall with the ‘Coco Plaid Top’ by Generation Love. Loving this quilted long sleeve over plaid layered look! Pair it with a subtly distressed skinny jean for a look with attitude then switch up your style with a relaxed boyfriend fit for the future months…

…Don’t be too sad that summer is coming to an end, though, because Fall means that New York Fashion Week is right around the corner!  It’s the last weekend of summer, so enjoy a stress-free relaxing getaway with the ones that you (Generation) Love!

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5 Things All Stylish Women Have in Their Closet

It’s fairly well established by this point that the most stylish women in the world have no shortage of options when it comes to their wardrobes. With access to fashion’s latest and greatest in design, they have a sartorial freedom that most of us can only ever dream of.

That being said, we have noticed a few items that all stylish women seem to keep on heavy rotation in their closets. Each woman might adopt her own unique perspective on these pieces—but they all own them, in one form or another.

Keep scrolling to learn the five things all stylish women have in their closet—and to add them to yours now!

  1. At Least One Really Good Coat– Even when it’s not that chilly out, fashionistas always seem to have a fabulous coat on hand. That’s because a third piece such as a coat can be the extra push an outfit needs to progress from stylish to incredible.


(Wool Drape Front Coat by Vince)

2. A Flattering Jean Cut– Every stylish woman has a good pair of jeans in her wardrobe—and beyond that, she knows that denim trends aren’t always the way to go. She wears what works for her body and shape, and that’s why she always looks so killer in her jeans.


(The Stiletto Jean by Current Elliott)

3. A Dress for Pretty Much Every Occasion– From work to play to everything in between, the most stylish women have a dress locked and loaded for every possible event. Even if she lives in jeans and T-shirts, she knows a good dress is a must-have.

 N Miller Knit AnimalN Miller Knit Animal Back

(Patchwork Animal Shift Dress by Nicole Miller)

4. A Go-To Shoe– Every stylish woman has her shoe. Whether she’s a sneaker gal, lives in sky-high pumps, or prefers a good pair of flats, she knows her shoe and she owns it—in plenty of varieties.

imageServiceimageService (1)

(The Delman Dean Peep-toe Bootie by Delman Shoes)

5. A Jewelry Uniform– One of the most notable things about stylish women is that they all seem to have a jewelry uniform. Whether they layer on the chunky rings or stick to barely there gold and dainty diamonds, most fashion girls know what their jewelry aesthetic is, and they stick to it.


(Clockwise from top left: Vago Necklace, Vago Ear Jacket, Paxton Ring & Jo Cuff by Elizabeth and James)

What items do you always have in your closet? Tell us below!

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The Edit: 5 Fabulous Fall Fashion Trends to Look Forward to

Now say that five times fast!..

It’s that time of year to start looking forward to the upcoming trends of Fall.  According to pantone this coming season may feel like a never ending “throw back Thursday” if their predictions prove to be true.  The color authority alludes that, earthy neutrals (think herby green and stormy gray) will mix with emboldened pastels (like orchid and apricot) on all manner of fashion pieces and home decor. With that being said, we at Intrigue have rounded up a very comprehensive trend guide to everything you will be seeing, shopping, and wearing in the months to come.


  1. Happy Hemlines– The flounce hem is the happiest. Both flirty and fun, the flounce hem works well for the office, or for evening. This is exactly the kind of versatile piece every woman needs in her wardrobe. Why wear just a pencil skirt when you can have a personality skirt?

elle_fall15trends_flouncehemsYoana Skirt

Runway —> Reality (Pictured: Yoana Baraschi Xena Pointelle Armor Midi Skirt available at Intrigue)

  1. Plaid and Simple– Plaid is had a moment on the runways and now it’s time to transition it into your wardrobe. Since we all are guilty of overdoing black in the winter, it will be nice to see some print to brighten up the mood.

elle_fall15trends_redplaidRT LS Cotton Plaid

Runway —> Reality (Pictured: Rebecca Taylor Long Sleeve Cotton Plaid available at Intrigue)

  1. The 70’s vibe– If you feel like reliving the last days of disco, now is the time to do it. Designers looked to the decade that brought us Saturday Night Fever for inspiration this fall, which means lots of flares, as we mentioned, plus knits and boho silhouettes. Can you dig it?

03-nyfw-70s-w724       Scan0001

Runway —> Reality (Pictured: Sanctuary Trench)

  1. Chunky Knits– Sometimes a gal just wants to cuddle up in the biggest sweater possible, right. Balance extra bulk with a slimmer silhouette on bottom.

08-nyfw-chunky-knits-w724       e3532335a67925b85a488f5b40a91d2e

Runway to Reality —> (Pictured: Vince Vertical Tie Dye Wool Cashmere Cable Knit Sweater available at Intrigue)

  1. Turtlenecks– The utilitarian staple popped up all over Fashion Week. Be creative with your turtleneck and layer it under a dress. Ease warm-weather pieces into your wardrobe now with this quick styling trick.

14-nyfw-turtlenecks-w724majestic turtleneck

Runway —> Reality (Pictured: Majestic Long Sleeve Turtleneck available at Intrigue)

New Fall ’15 Collections arriving in store daily…Happy Fall, Happy Shopping…Always Intrigue-ing!

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