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BuDahGirl Meets Echo Beach For a Dylans Candy Bar



BuDha Girl…
Calling all mothers and daughters, a BuDhaGirl arm party is happening at Intrigue Fine Apparel the week of Mother’s Day! Mindful Glamour, turning routines into rituals, BuDha is a story of awareness and new beginnings – beautiful objects and jewelry for bringing the mind back into balance and focus.

Meets Echo Beach…
Be styling this summer with Echo Beach coverups, wraps, totes and more. Shop the collection exclusively at Intrigue from
May 7th to May 12th only.

For a Dylan’s Candy Bar…
Sample Dylan’s Golden Candy Bar, a favorite amongst celebrities and influencers. A sweet GIFT for you, your mom or a special someone this Mother’s Day! Raising the golden standard at Intrigue!

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3 Tips for Wearing Wide Leg Pants

Skinny legged jeans and pants … they came in with a bang but the wide-leg crop pant is making a grand return. It has been popping up for a few years but it’s here with more wide-spread appeal this season. If you haven’t shopped in a while, this is the season to add this one item to your wardrobe and — BAM!

DO: Purchase a pair in a neutral color like black, white, cream, or navy.

Tread lightly and go with a neutral, easy color.


(Nic & Zoe Stretch Denim Pant)

Do: Tuck in your top.

Show off your waistline. It just looks sloppy with your top hanging loose paired with loose pants. We know what you are thinking “No way; can’t do it.” Okay … what about if you wore a jacket over the tucked-in top with the wide-leg pants? Then you have a waist but a little more comfort with the extra layer.

1672PR_002 pinstripe_preview

(Ecru Marfa Pinstripe Pant)

DO: Buy a (slightly) cropped style for a dressy look.

It’s all about proportion and cut. You don’t need a flared leg, just a straight-leg or slightly wide-leg pant — and they need to hit, ideally, a couple of inches above your ankle, play with your proportions!

David Learner Cropped

(David Learner Wide Leg Crop Pant with Seamed Corset Back)

So there you have it! Go buy your next favorite pair of pants for the season at Intrigue — the wide-leg pant!

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Casual, Trendy, Forever… Hanro of Switzerland


HANRO products are pure luxury on the skin. Experience the finest luxury collections for women. Less, but only the best is what characterizes HANRO as a brand. The vision of quality can be found in every detail: the best materials, the perfection of the cuts and the exquisite finishing. This is what has made HANRO so unique and contemporary for 134 years.


Shop The Collection at Intrigue!

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Stain Removal 101

Don’t let spills or makeup mishaps get between you and your favorite clothes. Immediately soak a stain in cold water so it won’t set, then treat as recommended below…



Soak red wine stains in white wine, then cover with baking soda, let sit, and rinse.



Grab some shaving cream and gently work it into the stain with a washcloth.



Flush the back of the stain with cold water, dab with liquid dishwashing detergent, and let soak.



Scrape off any excess and saturate the stain with hair spray, then dab carefully to remove.



Gently blot it away with a dryer sheet or the protective foam used on dry cleaning hangers.



Soak in white vinegar, then scrub gently with a toothbrush and liquid dishwashing detergent.

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Get to know Commando and the Woman behind it!

Commando wants to make women look and feel fabulous. That’s why they combine luxury fabrics and flawless fits to create styles that are the foundations of a great wardrobe. And since fashion is always at the fore, it’s no wonder commando has become the favorite of celebrities, stylists, and smart, chic women everywhere.

With three sisters and a slew of close girlfriends, commando founder and designer Kerry O’Brien understands women and their undergarment garment woes. “The right underwear can do wonders for how a woman looks in her clothes,” she says. “When you have the right foundations, you feel that much more confident and beautiful.”

It was confidence and a leap of faith that led O’Brien to start commando in 2003, leaving her high-profile public relations position in Manhattan. “I didn’t look back,” says the entrepreneur. “Once I started commando, it was all about moving forward.” Now a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and a patent-holding inventor, O’Brien is known for her innovative and fashion-conscious designs. “Commando is all about style,” says O’Brien. “From the bottom on up.”

Obsessive about fit and on a constant search for the most luxurious fabrics, O’Brien has high standards for her garments. “Every single thing commando makes is designed to make women love getting dressed,” she says. “I want them to smile when they slip on their commando.”


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