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The Gang’s All Here: Our BIGGEST Designer Trunk Show Yet!


The Gang’s All Here


Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and More


Intrigue Fine Apparel

You are cordially invited to explore and shop our authenticated, hand selected collection of Vintage Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and more… pieces that you’ve never seen before… chosen just for YOU!

Hermès Birkin on site + Meet a Luxury Representative

Saturday Sept. 8th

10- 5pm

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We’re Calling It: Every Trendsetter Will Wear These Spring Looks

Spring Looks

Spring Looks1

Spring Looks2

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Fall Trends: 6 Q & A’s with Your Intrigue Stylists

Get the best 2017 fall fashion inspo from the experts at Intrigue. Below, our stylists share their favorite trends seen in-store influenced by the runways. Get inspired! Find out which colors and styles work best for your autumn palette.

Annette’s Pick…
Q: Whats’s Your Favorite New Garment For Fall?
A: Our faux leather leggings by Commando!! They are comfortable, smoothing, and they look like a pair of $700 leather pants, but you can throw them in the washing machine. They’re a no-brainer!
Debbie’s Pick…
Q: What Fall Fashion Trend Are You Most Excited About?
A: Embroidery! Thanks to Gucci, tees, sweatshirts and denim have seen a very welcomed update this season. Think rosey florals, animal instincts and bird motifs! We have a couple pieces by Nation LTD inspired by this trend in- store now!
Jessica’s Pick…
Q: What Trend You Hope Never Goes Out Of Style?
A: Super oversized sweaters! Despite their resemblance to actual blankets, oversized sweaters can be flattering, energetic statement pieces if you play your styling cards right!
Gabi’s Pick…
Q: What’s Your Favorite Fall Accessory Trend?
A: The Beret and hats in general; a hallmark for the season. They can punctuate a look, camouflage a bad hair day and combat a nip in the air.
Jane’s Pick…
Q: What Is Your Favorite Fashion Trend Turned Staple?
A: A classic Chanel Bag, it will never go out of style!
Barbara’s Pick…
Q: What’s a Fall Trend You Think Will Get Carried Into The Next Season?
A: The Bell Sleeve! It seems that the cold shoulder is slowly taking a hiatus and it’s cousin, the bell sleeve is stepping in! Flirty, feminine and fun…what more could a girl want?!
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A Chanel bag is officially the best financial investment you could make…

As if we needed another reason to lust after the latest Chanel bag, a new study has revealed that buying one of the Parisian label’s iconic styles could potentially be a safer financial bet than buying a house. Fabulous news, isn’t it?

People often harp on about how certain clothing items are ‘investment pieces’, and often we’ve just used the term as an excuse to buy something we probably shouldn’t. But a classic Chanel 2.55, it seems, really is a money-maker after all.

The research, conducted by experts at vintage handbag authority Baghunter, found that in the last six years alone, the value of Chanel bags had increased by a massive 70%.
When the iconic Chanel 2.55 flap bag first launched in February 1955, its retail price was $220, around £154. By the 90s, its price had hit $1,150 and today, it’ll set you back $4,900.
Another BagHunter report, released back in January, focused on Hermes’ iconic Birkin bag and found that this classic’s value increased by 14.2% year-on-year, making them a better investment than stocks or gold.
To sum up, it seems, we should all go and buy one of each, today!
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Chanel Handbags: Vintage vs. Brand New

I’m sure owning a Chanel bag is on a few of our sartorial bucket lists. I mean, who wouldn’t love to own a vintage handbag, especially one by the elusive House of Chanel?! Believe it or not, fabulous fashionistas have been carrying Coco’s creations since the 1920’s. Chanel’s legacy continues to live on and her brand is more popular than ever as it is arguably one of the most sought after luxury brands in the world.


In case you were wondering, something is defined as being vintage when it is 20 years or older. As a testament of time, we at Intrigue, firmly believe that buying Vintage Chanel is far more of an investment versus buying the bags brand new.

Below are the following reasons why :

The Craftsmanship is Typically Better. According to Purse Forem, “Chanel used to plate their handbag hardware with 24K gold, however this stopped in 2009″. Ironically enough their prices continue to inflate every year.

Vintage Bags Have an Unknown Story.  Ever imagine where a bag came from or who carried it? Maybe a jet-setter who traveled around the world or corporate executive who only took it out for special events.


More Often than not Vintage Bags are Less Expensive than Brand New Bags. The vintage market especially in the luxury arena is successful because it is about timelessness.

Remember, Chanel is an Investment. During the lifetime of the bags, they only grow in value. When owners properly care for the bags, they retain their value even more.


Epitomize lavish femininity with Chanel Vintage. It’s distinctive quilted texture alongside classically sophisticated designs and precise tailoring fused with striking adornments reflect the label’s distinctively decadent look which will withstand the test of time!

Make Intrigue Your One Stop #VintageChanel Shop this holiday season!

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Tips For Keeping Your CHANEL (and other Designer Handbags) Tidy

First and foremost, a huge Thank You to all of our guests who made our Vintage Chanel kick off event a success. We hope you are enjoying your new “investment purchase”. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably pretty eager to take your new designer bag out for a spin. But before you do, it’s key to take a few measures to ensure that it holds up for as long as possible. We hope that from our previous blog posts and email blasts, you now know the complete history on Coco Chanel and the fun facts behind what inspired her 2.55 Handbag.


With that being said, it’s now time to re-direct our focus on how to take proper care of your “prized purse possession” and newest wardrobe addition. With so much information out there online, all the advise floating around can get a bit confusing, that is why we are here to do the dirty work on breaking down just how to keep your Chanel clean and pristine…

Baby Black CC

  • Always put your bag away upright, in the original felt case. Pad it with tissue paper to keep the shape. Make sure that the chains are not in contact with the outside, as they might mark the leather. The simplest thing is to put them inside the handbag, in the tissue paper.
  • Do not over-fill your handbag, as this might spoil the shape irreparably, and strain the chain-fasteners, zips and clasps.
  • The tanning methods used by CHANEL keep the leather soft so that the surface remains alive and permeable. Avoid contact with water, grease, perfume and makeup.
  • Do not clean with products intended for other purposes, such as polish, turpentine, oil, spot removers, spirit or solvents.
  • White handbags are extremely sensitive to light, and the leather will turn yellow if it is exposed for too long to spotlights, fluorescent lamps, etc.
  • If your handbag gets wet, do not wipe it but absorb the water by patting gently with a fine woolen cloth.
  • Do not attempt to repair more serious damage yourself. Consult a CHANEL boutique or a good leather craftsman. We highly recommend Leather Surgeons (www.leathersurgeons.com).

If you treat your handbag with great care, it will last you a lifetime… and if you missed our event, fear not, we still have Vintage Chanel Handbags here waiting for a new home…JOUIR DE!