Intrigue, a sophisticated & modern, upscale women’s boutique, is a shopping experience like no other in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There are plenty of chic, sophisticated and fun looks for our guests to explore every season. As you enter the store you immediately feel special. The fabulous merchandise and displays draw you in along with the immediate welcome you receive from one of the professional, cordial stylists. The selection of classic, contemporary clothing and accessories from both well known and up & coming designers keeps Intrigue on the edge of fashion and clients coming back.
Intrigue is lifestyle dressing at it‘s best. Whether you are a soccer mom or a business professional or something in between, we strive to meet your needs for everyday life. We have added a collection of fabulous shoes to complete you wardrobe. For 30 years, sisters and co-owners Debbie Ruth and Annette Tymoski attribute their success to longstanding relationships with their customers, merchandise assortment and giving back to the community that has supported them for so many years. We invite you to experience Intrigue.
Fine Apparel, Shoes, & Accessories for women who have a passion for fashion!


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