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Dressing For Your Body Type

We all wish that we were built like runway models, just because we aren’t doesn’t mean that we have to skip out on the latest fashion trends either. The trick to pulling off similar looks from the runways and wearing them in reality is knowing your body type and what is the most figure flattering for you. What many of us forget is that clothes and accessories, if worn properly, can be used to hide flaws as well as accentuate our best features! Below are our suggestions on what to wear to best flatter your figure.

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Pear Shape

You are a pear shape if you have a significantly narrower chest and waist measurements than your hips. Since you are lucky enough to have a defined chest and waist, you’ll want to accentuate your upper body but you’ll also want to balance out your lower half as well.

Try Wearing:

Straight leg, boot cut, and low rise jeans

A-line skirts and dresses that cinch in at the waist

Hourglass Shape

You are an hourglass if you have the same or similar chest and hip measurements and a significantly smaller waist. You are balanced on top and bottom! Our advise would be to become friends with your tailor because you will want to fit your clothing perfectly to your curvy shape.

Apple Shape

You are an apple if you have a broader chest than your waist and hips. Your goal is to try and add volume to your lower half while still accentuating how skinny and defined your legs are.

Try Wearing:

Wide leg and flare jeans

A-line skirts and dresses, or peplum skirts and dresses

Broad strapped shirts and V-necks

Athletic Shape

You are a rectangle if you are thin and have the same similar measurements in your chest, waist, and hips. You’ll want to add more definition to your waist.

Try Wearing:

Slim fit clothing i.e. skinny jeans, pencil skirts, etc…

Scoop neck and sweetheart tops

Belted: dresses, skirts, tops

Invest in a good push-up bra

Petite Shape

If you are 5′ 4″  or under by the fashion industry’s guidelines you are considered petite. The goal of dressing as a petite isn’t to necessarily create the illusion that you are a tall person. Instead, it’s about finding clothes that work well with your natural figure.

Try Wearing:

Monochrome outfits or outfits with few colour variations

Simple shift dresses

High waisted skirts and pants

V -neck tops

Tall Shape

First thing’s first, embrace your height! You can pull off any outfit with the right confidence and posture.

Try Wearing:

A Belt, to give your body balance

A jumpsuit

Skinny and cigarette jeans

Large statement accessories

Women come in all different shapes and sizes but getting dressed is a whole lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your shape. We hope this little bit of information helps when selecting fashions in the future. Remember, the most important thing is self love and to maintain a happy and healthy attitude, plus your Intrigue stylists are only a car ride or phone call away. Happy Summer!


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