Standout Resort Trends 2016

While Resort and Pre-Fall collections don’t get anywhere near the same attention as their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer counterparts that doesn’t mean the trends are any less important. What inspiration best suits a season that’s based on travel and leisure? Resort is the gateway to the Spring season. It may feel like winter outside but the current colors and styles on the racks give us hope that there are warmer days ahead!

These are the trends to watch out for…

  1. New Nautical: Preppy Classics with a Rebellious Edge.

Nautical Collage

2. Citrus Hues: Embody the Zesty Spirit of Resort!40_3a7a898d-2c0c-4955-867a-805c79248b68

3. Modern Bohemian: A Refined Sophistication, Fringe and Folksy Prints.


4. The Existence of Prints: Everything from tie-dye, to abstract prints, stripes, mosaics and everything in between!

Print Trend Collage.jpg

So there you have it, our compiled list of coveted trends from the catwalks to the comfort of Intrigue, your local retailer!

Thanks for reading!


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