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3 Holiday Styling Dilemmas And How To Solve Them…

It’s officially the holidays which means your schedule is jam packed  with after work festivities, holiday parties, soirees and everything in between. It wouldn’t be the holidays either without a little added stress. Intrigue is here, however to alleviate that from your life — well at least in the wardrobe department anyway. Below are 3 common Holiday styling dilemmas and answers on how to resolve them so you can enjoy the more important things this time of year such as your family and friends!

Dilemma #1: You have a party to attend but it’s cold out! How can you find something that is festive but also warm and cozy?


(Tight-End-Tights by Spanx in Stunning Rose, Shadow Sleeve by Joseph Ribkoff, Faux Fur Stole by Eliza J)

One of the easiest (and prettiest!) ways to bundle up for a holiday party is with tights.  Punch up your LDB with patterned panty-hose. Another great invention to add a light layer is the shadow sleeve which layers over your brazier and under your sleeveless dress or top. Lastly, simply add a fur faux  fur stole and voila!


(Bridgette Coat by Victoria Wright)

Additionally, a nice coat is always a perfect solution to complete your party look. As tempted as you might be to layer up when it’s cold outside, we recommend a coat over layering, that way you don’t have to strip down once you start to warm up indoors. Don’t be afraid to side-step the traditional holiday colors either. You can stick to classics such as black and white or neutrals and finish off the look with subtle accessories in festive colors or make your lips pop with a deep red.

Dilemma #2: You have so many holiday parties to attend this season but you have a tight budget. What’s the most versatile piece you should get and what are different ways to style it?

Scarves are one of the best versatile pieces during the winter, and especially during the holidays. You can wear a scarf paired with a dress or just add it to your casual daily ensemble. You can also wear your scarf as a poncho by wrapping it with a belt or wrap it around your shoulders like a shawl.


(Tie-Dye Viscose Scarf with Embellished Fringe by Chan Luu)

Dilemma #3: You have a family party to go to and you want to look cute but need your outfit to be kid-friendly. What do you wear?

If it’s acceptable, we recommend wearing pants or leggings assuming you’ll be bending down a lot and and running after little ones so you might not want to deal with a dress or skirt. Find a great pair of comfortable boots  or heels and incorporate pieces such as a festive sweater or blouse to make it holiday appropriate.


(Faux Leather Ezra Pant by Tart)


(Dean Open Toe Boot by Delman)

So there you have it! Happy Holidays and Happy Holiday Dressing!




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