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Chanel Handbags: Vintage vs. Brand New

I’m sure owning a Chanel bag is on a few of our sartorial bucket lists. I mean, who wouldn’t love to own a vintage handbag, especially one by the elusive House of Chanel?! Believe it or not, fabulous fashionistas have been carrying Coco’s creations since the 1920’s. Chanel’s legacy continues to live on and her brand is more popular than ever as it is arguably one of the most sought after luxury brands in the world.


In case you were wondering, something is defined as being vintage when it is 20 years or older. As a testament of time, we at Intrigue, firmly believe that buying Vintage Chanel is far more of an investment versus buying the bags brand new.

Below are the following reasons why :

The Craftsmanship is Typically Better. According to Purse Forem, “Chanel used to plate their handbag hardware with 24K gold, however this stopped in 2009″. Ironically enough their prices continue to inflate every year.

Vintage Bags Have an Unknown Story.  Ever imagine where a bag came from or who carried it? Maybe a jet-setter who traveled around the world or corporate executive who only took it out for special events.


More Often than not Vintage Bags are Less Expensive than Brand New Bags. The vintage market especially in the luxury arena is successful because it is about timelessness.

Remember, Chanel is an Investment. During the lifetime of the bags, they only grow in value. When owners properly care for the bags, they retain their value even more.


Epitomize lavish femininity with Chanel Vintage. It’s distinctive quilted texture alongside classically sophisticated designs and precise tailoring fused with striking adornments reflect the label’s distinctively decadent look which will withstand the test of time!

Make Intrigue Your One Stop #VintageChanel Shop this holiday season!


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