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A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Cashmere + “The Sweater Hanger Trick”

Cashmere is one of the most coveted materials during the winter months, and with good reason: It’s the soft and cozy remedy to freezing cold days.

Believe it or not there is an art of “cashmere shopping” and we’re here to give you the lowdown on the luxurious fabric from care to wear plus the sweater hanger trick that just might blow your mind!

But first, the basics.

What exactly is cashmere?
 The soft and luxurious material hails from none other than the goat species. However these just aren’t any old goats, cashmere raw material comes from the fleece of goats, and they usually live in the high and dry plateau surrounding the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and China where the temperatures reach -40 degrees celsius (-40 degrees fahrenheit) in winter.

The below freezing weather is important, because it’s what helps the goats develop a thick downy fleece which is harvested for spring — but that’s not all,  cashmere is actually the “fine under hair” of the fleece, which acts as insulation for the goats.


(Adrianna V Neck Cashmere Sweater in Classic Blue by Theory)

Why is it expensive?
 Plain and simple, it’s all in the fiber. Quality cashmere is an investment piece, which with care, will last you for years. It actually becomes softer with age.

With that being  said, there’s a reason some cashmere is more expensive than others. The longer fibers taken from the neck and underbelly are more expensive and are woven into higher quality cashmere items.


(Jolena C Metallic Cashmere Sweater in Gold by Joie)

About Pilling:

Pilling is when the short fibers twist around themselves, caused by friction in wear areas, such as underarms or where a bag rubs. Pills can look like snags or bits of fuzz. Surprisingly, it doesn’t matter how expensive your cashmere is, because pills don’t discriminate. Pilling is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this fine fiber. Don’t worry, there are ways to remedy the annoying situation. Tools such as sweater combs and de-pilling stones remove the pesky pills, which will make your cashmere garments nice and soft.


(Myron C Embellished Cashmere Sweater in Heather Icy Lilac by Joie)

How to care for cashmere and keep it long-lasting:

With a little TLC, your cashmere will keep in good condition for a while, maybe even decades. Here’s the quick and easy on how to give that material the respect it deserves:

When washing, use the gentle cycle.

If you have stains, seek professional help.

Finally, beware of moths! Store clean cashmere in air-tight bags, along with cedar balls.

And Now, The Sweater Hanger Trick That Will Blow Your Mind…Ready?


Now stop one over to Intrigue and get a special piece of cashmere for that special someone… Happy Holiday Shopping!


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