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How To Wear Statement Jewelry Everyday

With a successful Trunk Show behind us featuring jewelry by designer Sarah Magid, it’s time to look to the future on how to wear your new stylish statements. Do not be afraid to venture outside of formal wear with your statement jewelry. If you are going to invest in a piece why not wear it with everything. Going heavy on the accessories means keeping your clothing simple i.e. shift dresses, jeans, sweaters, and tee’s. Just putting on a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings can make you look dressed up without having spent hours getting ready. Also, no two people style statement jewelry the same way so it adds an element of individuality.

In creating the perfect jewelry statement ensemble there is actually a science to it. Below are some tips for pairing your pieces like a pro!


Pairing a Necklace with your Neckline

If you’re wearing a dress or top with a simple, rounded neckline, a long or chunky necklace would be an elegant addition. You want to try to ensure that the length of the necklace is either shorter or longer than your neckline because nothing says “oops” like having to pull your necklace out of your shirt all evening. If you choose a shorter necklace, it will draw more attention to your face and away from your chest. If you’re wearing a low scoop-neck, try to avoid a necklace length that could drape into your cleavage. That looks sloppy, and it’s being there will distract from the piece’s beauty.



( Ring by Realm, Vintage Chanel Necklace)

The best way to wear a long, dangling necklace is with a crew cut, boat cut or other high-necked top. A great statement jewelry piece will add dimension to a simple top that might not have enough pizzazz on its own.

If you’re heading out in a V-neck or cowl neck top, the ideal necklace length is so that it lies on your decolletage, not on your clothes. A choker or short pendant or chain would be the perfect complement to a dramatic neckline. Especially if you’re wearing a cowl neck, anything longer than the neckline would get lost and be either an annoyance or simply unhelpful in creating a stunning outfit.

Statement Bracelet? How to match to the right Sleeve Length



(Ring and Bracelet by Realm)

Statement bracelets can add as much to an outfit as any other piece of jewelry, but you want to make sure that it’s out there making an impression. That means that before you select your fabulous wristwear, you want to know that your sleeves aren’t going to be covering it up. “Bracelet sleeves”, also known as “three-quarter sleeves” end between the wrist and the elbow in order to allow for your bracelets to be seen and admired.

Of course, short sleeves or sleeveless tops or dresses work the same way — if you’re wearing a halter-top dress or shirt, you might not want to wear a necklace because there’s too much detail up top. But, stacking some fun bracelets is the perfect complement to a detailed or unusual neckline.

Wearing a one-shoulder top? A bold cuff on the wrist opposite the shoulder strap is just the thing. Choose a color or design that complements your outfit but doesn’t compete with it.

Less is more!


Magid_Hol14_RGchokerwebsiteChanel Bracelet

(Necklace by Sarah Magid, Vintage Chanel Bracelet)

  1. Remember, a bold piece is designed to stand out. If you have two bold pieces too close together (for example, earrings and a necklace), they essentially cancel each other out and it just looks crowded. Same goes for bracelets and rings. You could wear a pair of fabulous statement earrings with a chunky cuff bracelet, and that would be great — but skip the necklace. Or, if you’ve got a great layered chain necklace, maybe wear very small stud earrings and a simple band ring.
  2. Let your accessories make the outfit: Simple clothes = bold accessories. If you’re rocking the little black dress or jeans and a solid top, you’ve set the stage for a bright and colorful jewelry addition. If your jewelry is bright or detailed, stick with clothing that has less pattern or detail in order to avoid looking too busy.
  3. Remember that detailed necklines will clash with bold pieces. Any top that has a collar, halter neck or detailing near the face is probably not a good match for a necklace. If you want to wear a necklace with this kind of top, it’s best to go with something simple and understated.

When you choose your look…

The most important thing is to have fun with it! These guidelines can help save you from a few basic faux pas, but ultimately, you have to go with your gut. As you select an ensemble for that very special occasion, or just for everyday, choose your accessories and your clothes together — don’t make your accessories the afterthought!

If you missed the Trunk Show, fear not there are still jewelry pieces from Sarah Magid available + Vintage Chanel!


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