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5 Denim Rules Every Fashion Girl Should Live By

It’s easy to get caught up in denim trends, purchasing of-the-moment pieces that you’ll likely get sick of within a few months. It’s okay to incorporate some of these on-trend items into your closet, but the core of your wardrobe should rely on edited, effortless essentials that you can wear all the time. Read below for 5 tips on shopping for the best denim to nailing down your own casual-chic style.


1. Don’t Wash Your Jeans

It might sound crazy but to keep the integrity of the wash and fabric, keep your jeans away from water. You shouldn’t need to wash denim to recover or retain shape. If they start to smell, put them in a plastic bag in the freezer overnight, and it will kill the germs.

Only resort to washing your jeans if they get stained, in that case turn them inside out and wash cold on delicate cycle or hand wash with woolite. Washing denim inside out will prevent abrasion throughout the wash cycle, extending the life of color and material, especially to keep denim dark and vibrant. Try not to machine dry denim pieces. If you have to, turn down the temperature to the lowest possible heat setting, and remove before they’re completely dry. Lay flat or hang upside down to dry.

2. Basics Never Go Out Of Style

Wear styles that suit you. Invest in a great pair of jeans you’ll reach for three to four times a week. You’ll want your denim to complement your everyday outfits…basics and essentials never go out of style.

3. Check Your Pockets

The two key components to finding the perfect pair of jeans are great fit and amazing fabric. Pay particular attention to pocket placement and detail.

4. High-Rise Pants Should Be Your Best Friend

High-rise skinnies work well because they elongate legs whether you’re in flats or heels. You can wear a long-sleeve button-down tucked in for day, shed a layer and show off your waist with a slim cami tucked in paired with a heel for night. The versatility of the fit itself is quite vast.

5. Don’t Follow Every Trend

Keep it simple; don’t follow every trend. Wear things that you gravitate toward and feel comfortable in—that’s the most effortless way to come across in a chic yet casual way.



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