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5 Slimming Style Rules Almost Every Celebrity Follows

When following the world of celebrity fashion and dressing you start to notice certain trends—of the sartorial kind and otherwise. One such timeless pattern that everyone seems to strive for are the slimming styling rules. The best part of these figure-flattering tricks are that they work for any vibe, whether your look is feminine and sweet or bold and trend-driven. Scroll down to check out the top five slimming style rules and pocket them for yourself!

1. Long Outer Layer

Theory Ivory Vest

Wearing a longer outer layer will make you feel more slender as it so graciously conceals all the stuff you probably want concealed, but also makes you feel cool. Plus, as the weather gets warmer, swap out your light jacket for an extra-long vest.

2. Flared Skirt


If you have any thighs or hips to speak of, a dress or a skirt with a flared shape will likely be ultra-flattering on you. It will nip in at the tiniest part of your waist, and flow nicely over your curves.

3. Monochrome


Wearing one color from head to toe is visually lengthening, making you look taller and leaner. Black is a classic slimming choice, but we love how an all-white outfit looks for summer.

4. Belted Waist


Highlighting your waist with a belt is a slimming trick that works on women of any size. It’s the best way to fake an hourglass figure and highlight your middle section.

5. V-Neck/ Maxi Dress

The slimming wonders of a deep V-neck and a maxi dress are not to be ignored. Not only will it make your jawline and neck appear slimmer, but the upside-down triangle shape draws the eye down to your narrow waist and mimics the silhouette of an hourglass. The maxi meanwhile, elongates the body.

What’s your best slimming trick?


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