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The Story Behind Lilla P…

Pauline Sokol Nakios began her career in retail straight out of college, working at a boutique in Atlanta before launching her own clothing business, Lilla P, in 1998. Nearly 17 years have passed since then and in that time Pauline has grown Lilla P from a small start-up business offering a single t-shirt to the expansive fashion brand that it is today.

Lilla P Designer

Pauline’s goal? To “always design easy pieces that become coveted items in a woman’s wardrobe—an everyday layering tank, a flattering tee, the perfect sweater, a casual blazer.” Lilla P’s staying power can certainly be attributed to the impeccable fit and timeless quality of the clothing they offer.

Keep reading to learn more about Pauline’s successful career via Q & A’s from theeverygirl.com.

In 1998 you launched Lilla P, a lifestyle clothing brand. How did you come up with the idea for Lilla P?
I have always been a t-shirt girl at heart. I had a million tees but never felt like any one of them was just perfect, so I decided to design my own. Luckily I had access to a manufacturer and had them create a sample for what I thought was the “ideal” tee missing in the market.

Production can be very challenging. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince. I worked for an ad specialty company and we had produced some t-shirts with a manufacturer in South Carolina. When I started Lilla P I contacted them and they produced my first sample with them. Through them, I met dye houses and made many connections from there. Networking and asking the right questions is extremely important. My first sample (which is also what I launched the company with) was a short sleeve crew neck t-shirt in one size and five colors. I loved the idea of “one size” but quickly learned that I needed a size scale. We now have XS-XL which allows me to fit many women—we come in many size and shapes.

Lilla P Dress Collage

(Sundress styles available at Intrigue Fine Apparel)

Lilla P is a collection of timeless, casual pieces made with quality fabrics and an impeccable fit. Tell us more about the collections you create and the inspiration behind them!
Why thanks! Each season, the collection is comprised of must-have staples that nod to the current trends in the market. My goal is to always design easy pieces that become coveted items in a woman’s wardrobe—an everyday layering tank, a flattering tee, the perfect sweater, a casual blazer. I am inspired by simplicity and detail in architecture, home décor, art, and the everyday aspects of our lives.

I also get a ton of inspiration from our travels. I love exploring colors and textures that are apparent in other countries and weaving them into our inspiration boards. We have traveled to Greece on several occasions and have fallen in love with everything Greek! The signature blue color that you see all over Greece is apparent in my Summer 15 line as well as rich earth tones inspired by the landscape.

Lilla P Navy

(Tank Top Available at Intrigue Fine Apparel)

Best moment of your career so far?
The everyday excitement is always seeing people walking down the street and looking great in Lilla P—that thrill never grows old! And then there are the milestone celebrations like watching the collection take off oversees and becoming a global brand.

Lilla P Collage

(Jacket and Cardigan styles available at Intrigue Fine Apparel)


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