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Spring Forward…Our Favorite Fashion Trends For 2015

It may seem like winter is never going to end this year, but we’ve got spring on our minds — especially when it comes to our wardrobes! So let’s spring forward…below are 5 Spring 2015 trends that can easily be transitioned from the runway and into your wardrobe!

6214059_orig Collages350

1. Yellow- Before you scoff and say “not for me,” hear us out. From amber and canary to saffron and marigold, trust that there is a shade of yellow for everyone. The trick is figuring out your skin’s undertone, then finding the hue that best complements it.

Ecru_082114_Lookbook_Sp15_INSIDE_v7_PRINT READY_page178

2. Black and White- The trend’s not groundbreaking, but black and white is everywhere. What makes this season’s take on the classic color combination interesting, though, are the various textures, patterns, and silhouettes.

Tart Dress

3. Blue and White- If black and white is too stark for you, this subtle version may be more your speed. Give it a try when you feel like making a statement with little to no color.

All White Collage

4. Head to Toe White- At this point, it isn’t about the rules of when you can wear all-white; it’s about how you wear it. New styling tricks include mixing textures, layering multiple pieces, and teaming various shades.

Anatomie Laura 1-30x

5. Laser Cuts- This edgy look has been happening in fashion for awhile now. Far less expected? Some of the softer, ladylike turns it took on the runways. For something that’s covered in big revealing holes, it feels quite sophisticated, no?


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