Buckingham PA, Fall 2014, LM Style Bar, Shop Local

Full You Once…

The voluminous ladylike midi skirt silhouette is here to stay as it exudes femininity and class…it also happens to be very flattering for most body types.
Thankfully, in its latest reincarnation, lengths are less strict and vary from just below the knee to a couple of inches above the ankle, meaning there’s greater scope in wearability.

midi vineage
The full skirt was first made popular by Christian Dior in 1947 when he showcased it in his debut collection called the Corolle line. It was a fresh and new shape for post-war women who were used to wearing almost military-style uniforms that emphasized the economical use of fabric and a serious tone of that era – straight skirts made of sturdy materials and boxy unforgiving jackets.

Full Skirt Collage 1

(Dresses by Tracy Reese available at Intrigue)

Theia Fall 2014 3

(Dresses by Theia available at Intrigue)

Today, fashion likes to flirt with different skirt lengths and hems. The midi is chic, polite yet unapologetically cool when worn with individual flair.


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