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How to Dress for YOUR Body Type

You know what looks good on your body type and probably have that special ‘go-to’ piece that never lets you down like a wrap dress or great pair of trousers. Dressing for your figure is always so important because we are all built a little differently. Below is a more in depth guide and tips of what to choose to work best for your figure.

Hourglass Shape– Curvy with a smaller waist. Highlight your curves, don’t hide them! Emphasize your waist, try a pencil skirt to accentuate your curves and smooth out your thighs.

Nicole Miller Sandy Ponte Skirt

(Pencil Skirt by Nicole Miller available at Intrigue)

Or try a Wrap Dress, the V-neck will be ultra-flattering to your bust, and the wrap detail will highlight the curve between your waist and hips.

DVF Wrap Dress

(Wrap Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg available at Intrigue)

Apple Shape- If you have a slim lower body and carry your weight around your middle. Minimize your midsection by highlighting your shoulders and legs. Try a Swing Coat, it will be incredibly flattering!

Yoanna B Wrap Sweater

(Swing Sweater Jacket by Yoana Baraschi available at Intrigue)

Banana Shape: Banana shaped women are pretty much evenly proportioned when it comes to their shoulders, waist and hips; there is little difference in the measurements of their torso. Therefore the whole point is to define the waist and create the illusion of curves. Highlight the thinnest part of your waist so your hips and bust appear larger and more proportional. Try a slightly cropped blouse with a banded bottom. Blouses that cinch at the bottom are ideal for your shape. For the bottom, try a mini skirt. A shorter hem will show off your legs.

DVF Flirty Skirt

(Skirt by Diane Von Furstenberg at Intrigue)

Pear Shape: If the widest part of your body is around your hips. Elongate and balance your figure by accentuating your top half. Try a fit and flare dress. The skirt shape is ideal for highlighting the smallest part of your waist and then generously flaring out to conceal wider hips.

DVF Red Dress

 (Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg available at Intrigue)

What pieces are most flattering for your figure? Different styles for different shapes… as always, keep it Intrigue-ing!


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