Fit To Be Tied

With the Summer season slowly transitioning into Fall, one “go-to” accessory that you can always depend on and never seems to go out of style is the scarf.  It is one of the easiest things to throw on to pull an outfit together.  This versatile accessory can be shaped and molded in a variety of ways to flatter different outfits, hair styles and even different temperatures.

Stunning artisan scarves by Italca of Italy just landed at Intrigue.  Italca of Italy has been creating and distributing men’s and women’s scarves for over 50 years.  Their beautiful scarves feature intricate designs of iconic portraits to cityscapes from near and far printed on super soft micro modal.


Sure you can just wrap it around your neck but there’s a zillion ways to tie them ranging from obvious to elaborate. Check out this video tutorial that shows you 25 different ways to wear a scarf!

Weather it’s a novel knot, twist or drape, a scarf can transform any ol’ outfit and turn it from drab to fab!


2 thoughts on “Fit To Be Tied

  1. Patty Gill Webber says:

    I couldn’t be fabulousover60 if I didn’t follow advice from Intrique—love the blog—and especially this one on scarves—-simple as you note—and pulls the look together. When I am back west it will be wonderful to have your blog to read—-you’ll be getting a call for help to shop!

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