Breaking All The Rules!

As trends seem to come and go, it can be a struggle to keep all the Do’s and Don’ts straight, so just make sure you get rule #1 down…rules are meant to be broken!  What was once a fashion faux-pas is merely a myth today. Below is a list of common rules to dispel the myths that do not necessarily apply anymore in the ever evolving fashion world.

#1 . It’s OK To Wear White After Labor Day:

Although you will want to save your white linens for the summer season, a cozy white wool sweater, coat, and even jeans are standout pieces that can be worn into the next season…think winter white!

blog rules

#2. Your Bag DOES NOT have to Match Your Shoes:

If you are into matchy, matchy…by all means go for it but you do not need to abide this rule all the time. Mix it up! A playful blend of accessories always elevates a look.

#3. Play With Prints: Mix & Match:

From Polka dots, checks and stripes to leopard and paisley, print mixing is hands down one of the most popular street style trends of the last few seasons.

blog rules 1

#4. Navy + Black:

Wearing navy and black together has gotten a bad rap in the past but now-a-days it looks ever so chic paired together!

#5. Why Not Wear Sequins and Metallic’s in the Daytime Too?!

Who can turn down a little flare?! Although you might want to save your sequin dress for a night out, why not wear a little sparkle in the daytime too. Just keep it to a minimum. By adding one piece to your ensemble like a skirt or jacket, it will keep your look simple yet edgy.

#6. Short Women CAN Wear Long Dresses and Pants:

The Midi length is in! Whether it’s a long dress or wide leg trouser, what it comes down to is a flattering fit.

NM Photo Collage

(Nicole Miller Boho Blue Knit Midi Dress available at Intrigue)

#7. Stockings and Tights with Open Toe Shoes:

Pairing stockings, tights or even socks with an open toe shoes is certainly an outgoing look. For the fall season, make a statement by pairing a contrasting color shoe against black tights.

#8. Be Bold, Wear Both Silver And Gold!

Mix your metals! Whether it’s your jewelry or accessories , metallic’s of any shade can be complementary instead of clashing.


(Vita Fede wrap bracelet available at Intrigue)

Next time you get dressed, have a little fun and break some fashion rules!


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