Tips for Being the Best Dressed Guest this Wedding Season

What does Nicole Miller have to say?  Check it out…how to be the best dressed guest at your next event:

We’re seeing a shift from formal to more laid-back weddings, like a brunch or afternoon affair. How do you recommend guests stay true to the style of wedding without looking too casual?

NM: It’s always better to be a little overdressed rather than underdressed in my opinion. That said, being overdressed should not mean erring on the side of formal and stuffy. It’s important to stay true to your personal style, regardless of the occasion!

Collage miller blog day

With events becoming less formal in general, what do you consider black tie appropriate now?

NM: Imagine yourself standing next to your hot date, who is wearing a tuxedo. Do you feel comfortable in your outfit? If so, then it’s black tie appropriate! Black tie these days does not have to mean a full-length gown — shorter dresses are appropriate if they have special detailing or something that sets them apart from other more casual cocktail length dresses.

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What’s your take on a guest wearing white to a wedding?

NM: Absolutely inappropriate! While I don’t believe in most fashion ‘rules’, I do not think a wedding guest should be wearing white, ivory, nude, blush, etc. The wedding is about the bride, not your wedding-esque dress choice.

If a guest wants to look great but doesn’t want to spend tons of money, where can she save and where should she splurge?

NM: Save on jewelry — costume jewelry looks just as luxe as real jewelry and is often more fashion-forward. Splurge on great tailoring. An impeccably-fitting dress will look great in photos, highlight your best assets, and conceal anything you might want hidden.

miller blog5fix

If you’re hoping to buy only one dress to wear to multiple weddings this year, how can you mix up your look?

NM: Mix up your accessories — statement jewelry, clutches, and shoes are memorable and fun to experiment with. Bold lipstick colors can dramatically change a look too.

miller blog1fix

How do you recommend a guest go from a day ceremony to an evening reception?

NM: Change your shoes! There’s no reason to stay in uncomfortable heels if you are planning on dancing all night at the reception.

miller blog2fix

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