Shocking Runway…Has Fashion Gone Mad?


Headliner:  “Minimalism is taking a backseat to some cuckoo clothes this fall, and we’re not sure whether to applaud or scream”…In Style Magazine.  Call us crazy, but not everyone can pull off the look Jeremy Scott designed for Moschino’s Fall 2014 collection…and,who’d want to, may be the question!

Designers have been dabbling in surrealism since the 1930’s; a prime example is Elsa Schiaparelli’s quirky collections influenced by artist friend Salvatore Dali.  Although today’s rockers,  like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, take liberties with eccentric styles seen on the runway, that just might not work for gals like you and I.

Intrigue is the fashion sense voice  translating “Runway to Reality”!

Collage BlogdressesAt Intrigue, you will find timeless dresses with abstract prints such as shattered glass, or accordion pleating, even embroidered floral detailing reminiscent of your mother’s china by the likes of Nicole Miller, Joseph Ribkoff and Tadashi bringing that catwalk look off the runway and into your closet.

Annette Matczak Tymoski & Debbie Matczak Ruth shop the best designer looks for you, interpreting the radical runway theatrics, creating pleasant visual play for everyday living.  “We bring NYC to Bucks County” for daytime playing or evening festivities in an endless variety of styles to suit individual taste.  Be inspired; express your style in living color…Intrigue-ing thought!


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